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5 Reasons to Book a Bridal Makeup Trial

The time has come - you are engaged. You are in full wedding planning mode, you have your bridal party picked out and alas - it is time to find your glam squad. Let’s face it, no wedding day is complete without a hair and makeup stylist. But when asked if you are interested in scheduling a hair and makeup trial you think to yourself, I don’t know… is a trial really necessary?

I am here tell you that on one of the most special days of your life… YES! Would you book your wedding venue without ever seeing it? Probably not. Here are the five reasons why I suggest that your response to this question is always a yes, and a confident one!

Get To Know Your Artist Hair and makeup trials are a great opportunity to get to know your hair and makeup artist, their skill level and to determine if they are the right fit for you and your bridal party. Feeling comfortable and secure with your artist is essential! Here at Bridal4TheWin, if by chance you are unhappy with your assigned artist we will provide a complimentary trial with a different one.

Save The Surprises For The Speeches

Think of a trial as a security blanket for you and your artist. You will know what your makeup will look like, what your hair will look like and who your artist is. On the flip side, your artist will know what products to bring, products to have available and if there are allergies they should be aware of. No surprises!

Wedding Day Time is Valuable, So Plan Ahead! It may seem like you have loads of time scheduled the morning of, but it goes by in the blink of an eye! It is important to run on schedule and on time, especially if you are opting for a first look. By completing a trial, you and your artist will know the desired look and how long it will take to perform. This will save a lot of valuable time.

Discuss The Details Fake eyelashes? Airbrush foundation? Neutral tones or a pop of color? These are all details that your artist will discuss with you during your trial. A look that is natural to you, may not be natural to your artist. Your eye makeup may require some adjustments to look like that smokey eye you found on Pinterest. A trial run gives you the opportunity to test out not only the final look, but the products used.

Trials provide you the opportunity to ask questions and get recommendations from the artist for the wedding day. During a trial, a bride once mentioned that she was planning to get a spray tan on the morning of her wedding. This is a no-go. We explained that the skin’s complexion will not be fully developed and the makeup will not have an exfoliated, fresh, surface to be applied too, often leading to it adhering incorrectly to the skin. Had this not be discussed, the makeup would not have turned out as hoped.

Now, What Are You Waiting For?!

Think about planning a date night or girls night out on the day or evening of your trial. By keeping your hair and makeup look on for about three hours, you can determine how well it stayed in place and if adjustments should be made on the day of. To book your bridal makeup trial reach out to, beauty awaits!

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